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Art-fizz is a backbone enterprise that produces spiral oil press and pre- and post-processing equipment in the country. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research and production. It has formed a management system of microcomputerization, information automation and scientific production, which has become quite influential at home and abroad. Renowned brands, market share and user satisfaction are among the best in the industry.
It is a professional manufacturer of small refining equipment, refined oil equipment, edible oil refining equipment, animal oil refining equipment, physical refining equipment, etc. It is a member of China National Petroleum Institute.

Art-fizz specializes in modernization of R&D, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and technical services of refined oil equipment. The small refining equipment company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters and has an office area of 1,000 square meters. It has 8 senior titles, 16 intermediate titles and nearly 100 employees. It cooperates with many domestic research institutions to develop a number of patented products. The company aims to develop the modernization and internationalization of China's oil refining equipment. Committed to research and development of high-tech development and utilization of the oil refining machinery industry, and quickly transform new scientific research results into productivity. Strong technical force, advanced equipment, complete testing means, production and manufacture of a variety of grease refining equipment.

Art-fizz has rich experience in refining turnkey projects at home and abroad. It has rich experience in building factories and has accumulated strong core advantages in talents, technology, management and after-sales. The engineering projects undertaken by art-fizz are spread across many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country.

Good service, high quality, excellent price, prompt delivery, is the company's business philosophy, based on the domestic, look to the world, with our strong team efforts, work hard, strive for excellence, determined to compete in the market competition in the new century Create brilliant. The company has always strived to provide more and better green, healthy and environmentally friendly grain, oil and food engineering and technical equipment for domestic and foreign users with advanced technology, excellent equipment and perfect service. With the credibility of the first, quality first, the highest quality, sincere service of the entrepreneurial spirit.

The edible oil refining equipment has low investment and quick effect, and it can refine the crude oil to the national standard secondary oil and even the national standard oil. The equipment condenses the essence of the process equipment of the refinery in the large-scale refinery in China. It is easy to operate, low in price and high in refining efficiency. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized oil mills.

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The crude rapeseed oil extracted by the oil press contains free fatty acids, phospholipids, pigments, mucilages, etc. These substances all affect the quality of the rapeseed oil, and therefore must be refined to meet the standard of edible oil. Crude rapeseed oil refining requires equipment such as refining tanks, washing tanks, vacuum dewatering tanks and filters.

The rapeseed oil refining equipment is a “six off” process production line equipment for the first grade oil. From the pretreatment of raw materials, to pressing, to refining, and finally to filling, it is a continuous automatic production equipment. The material is 304 stainless steel. Now the country has strict environmental protection requirements. Our supporting heating system uses electric heating and heat transfer oil furnace, which is advanced in China. Not only can the user's environmental assessment pass, but also can greatly improve the oil quality level and speed up the refinement.

The process of rapeseed oil refining is relatively simple. The first is semi-continuous degumming. The degumming process is such pre-pressed oil--pump--centrifugal mixing--static mixing--refining pan--pump--heating - Continuous vacuum dehydration - pump - degummed oil. The process after degumming is decolorization, the decolorization tower is mechanically stirred, and the decolorization temperature is controlled at about 110 degrees, which should not be too high. The residence time of the material in the column is 20-30 min. The amount of clay added is 1.5% - 2.6% (oil quality).

The deodorization process is continuous deodorization. Since the deacidification of physical refining is completed in the deodorization process, in addition to the high temperature and high vacuum as the necessary production conditions in the deodorization process, whether the deodorization tower structure design is reasonable is the key to the deacidification effect. Our double-ming equipment is in the deodorization process, and the deodorization tower is a tray-type structure with a total of seven layers. Six of them are working layers with heat-conducting oil heating coils to maintain the temperature required for deacidification and deodorization.


The main products of art-fizz include: spiral oil press series, wok series, oil filter series, series hoist and accessories. The company's screw press is suitable for pressing a variety of vegetable oils such as rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, sesame, flax and sunflower seeds. The product has the advantages of reasonable design, strong oil adaptability, high oil yield and simple operation. In order to meet the needs of different users, the company has produced 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 125, 130, 168 and other products for users to choose. Among them, 100J, 120L, 130 and other models, because of their low residual oil (up to 5.5%), high oil production efficiency, identification by the provincial agricultural machinery promotion and identification station, pressure stability, dry cake not coking, oil products Good quality, protein invariance, praised by users. The application of this result is equivalent to the national industry standard, about 50 kg of oil can be squeezed out every day (24 hours), bringing additional economic benefits to users.
Enterprises adhere to the requirements of perfect production technology and fine quality inspection process, aiming at zero defects and zero complaints, taking quality as the basis and strictly controlling quality. Continuous reform and innovation: improvement of the gearbox, using helical gear and hypoid gear transmission, reducing noise, improving energy efficiency ratio, improving the user's working environment; reforming the quenching technology and process, using automatic quenching equipment to make quenching The time and temperature are ensured, thus ensuring the carburizing thickness and surface hardness of the core components such as the pressing screw, which greatly prolongs the service life. At the same time, it provides equipment for deep processing of grease, such as: 60 type household oil press, 80 one. Combined oil press, cold oil machine, electric heating wok, small refining equipment, etc., to meet the convenience of one-stop production.

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